Wireless Laser Pointer For Projector

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Kupondole,Lalitpur,Nepal , Lalitpur
20 Jan 2023

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Location Kupondole,Lalitpur,Nepal , Lalitpur
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• A wireless laser pointer for a projector is a device that allows the user to remotely control the pointer on a projected image, without the need for a physical connection to the projector.
• It typically uses a small laser diode to create a bright, highly visible pointer beam that can be directed onto the projected image, allowing the user to highlight specific areas or items on the screen.
• Some models may also include additional features such as the ability to control the pointer's size, color, and brightness, as well as the ability to switch between different pointer modes (such as a laser pointer, cursor, or spotlight).
• These devices can be connected to the projector via a wireless connection such as Bluetooth or RF, making them easy to use and control from a distance.

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