Stainless (quality) Steel Bird Spikes Provide. 9851332772

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chabahil, kathmandu , Kathmandu
30 May 2024

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Location chabahil, kathmandu , Kathmandu


Bird spike & Net jali supply ☎️9851332772

Keep Your Property Bird-Free with Our Professional Pigeon Net & Bird Spikes Installation service in the Kathmandu Lalitpur Bhaktpur areas at the best price!

Are pigeons and other birds causing trouble on your property? Protect your home or business with our expert pigeon net and bird spikes installation service!

At Anti Bird Spikes & Net Installation Service in Kathmandu, we offer effective and humane solutions to keep your space clean and bird-free. Our high-quality pigeon nets and bird spikes are designed to deter birds without harming them, ensuring a safe environment for everyone.
Contact us: ☎️9851332772
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