M-Seal Fast Curing Epoxy Compound Putty Sealant Adhesive For Sale

रू 70
siddhapokhari-1 , Bhaktapur
24 May 2022

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Condition New
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Location siddhapokhari-1 , Bhaktapur
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यो चुहिएको ठाउमा टाल्ने एम सिल तुरुन्त चाहिन्छ भने यो लिङ्क https://bit.ly/3PBsa2h कपी गरेर तपाईंको ब्राउजर मा पेस्ट गरी इन्टर गर्नुहोला । नेपाल भरी डेलिभरी हुन्छ। सामान लिए पछी पैसा तिर्दा पनि हुन्छ। नेपालकै एक मात्र भर पर्दो अनलाईन सप दराज बाट ओरिजनल सामन पाउनुहुनेछ.
IDEAL FEATURES -It is ideal for gripping, joining, sealing, and insulating a variety of surfaces like metal, porcelain, marble, wood, and glass.
MULTI-PURPOSE - M-seal is a multi-purpose sealant with 4 main applications – Sealing, Joining, Fixing and Building.
PACKAGE CONTENTS - Consists of two parts (RESIN & HARDENER) which are supplied in the form of sticks of equal volume, individually wrapped and sealed to be mixed in the ratio of 1:1 by volume or weight. RESIN - Seals Joins, HARDENER - Fixes Builds
COLOR - RESIN (Green) & HARDENER (Black) are in different contrastcolours to help users to know the uniform mixing
TIMING - Spreading of adhesive is easy in the first 5 minutes. Cures to a hard mass. Sets in 30 minutes at 27 Degree Celsius. it will totally harden in approximately one hour to an extent

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