Buff Meat Spicy Pickles

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Nagdhunga Chandragiri -2 , Kathmandu
24 Jul 2022

General Overview

Location Nagdhunga Chandragiri -2 , Kathmandu


Buff Meat Spicy Pickles

*Homemade * Hygienic * No Chemical Used

Authentic Nepali Delicacy: This pickle captures the essence of Nepali cuisine, a celebration of bold flavours and aromatic spices, offering a genuine taste of the Himalayan nation's culinary heritage.
Premium Ingredients: We use only the finest buffalo meat, carefully selected and processed to ensure the utmost quality and taste. Combined with hand-picked spices, this pickle guarantees a burst of authentic flavours in every bite.
Hot and Spicy: For those who love heat, this pickle delivers! Infused with a generous amount of red chillies, it provides a fiery sensation that adds excitement to your meals.
Versatile Condiment: Enjoy Buff Hot and Spicy Pickles with rice, roti, naan, or your favourite dishes. Its versatility allows you to explore new taste combinations and elevate your culinary adventures.
If you crave spice, this pickle will not disappoint. Bursting with the piquant kick of red chillies, it offers a thrilling sensation that ignites your palate. Hot and Spicy Pickle is made using natural ingredients, without any artificial preservatives or additives, maintaining its authenticity and wholesomeness. Pair this pickle with rice, bread, momos, or any dish of your choice. Its versatility allows you to explore a wide range of delectable flavour combinations.

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