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रू 30,000
Hatkhola, Biratnagar – 07 , Nepal , Morang
22 Jul 2022
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Our Story

With the strong brand identity of HYUNDAI and its worldwide recognition, Hyundai Electronics Nepal is introducing an honest range of appliances and electronics that meet our consumers’ daily needs with premium quality and affordable costs.
Hyundai Electronics Nepal is committed to excellence and guarantees to provide top-notch products. Our internal control system ensures to manufacture of premium quality appliances & Electronics which will deliver ease to customers. We don’t compromise on the requirements of our buyers and concentrate on minor details that are up to our consumers’ expectations. For more details, you can check our Facebook page.

Who We Are

Hyundai is a Korean word that roughly translates to “modernity”. Overwhelmed by the love for our cars, we’re now in Nepal with our wide range of Electronics, designed with the same principles and passion, keeping your comfort and convenience in mind.

We aim at #transforminglives with our:

Modern Technologies.
Superior Quality.
Affordable Prices.

Our Vision

We envision an expensive lifestyle for our end-users and promise to deliver reliable and sturdy appliances. We believe in turning our visitors into customers by providing them with products that meet their needs. Our vision is to serve the customers with advanced technology appliances that will open a whole new world of comfort for them. Hyundai Electronics Nepal is always looking forward to maintaining long-term relationships with mutual benefits with our clients and transforming their day-to-day life.

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